5 Stylish Options for In-Shower Seating

Whether it is an in-built bench or a portable stool, a shower seat has numerous benefits, especially when used in a walk-in shower. It allows the user to access toiletries easily, offers a resting point for leg shaving, and most importantly, enables individuals with mobility issues to shower with ease. Adding in-shower seating has numerous benefits, as it provides great comfort in the shower. When thinking of in-shower seating, you have many choices at your disposal. Depending on the style and design of your bathroom, you can decide to go with floating seats, walled seats, wooden seats, or a floating bench. Whichever option you choose, your goal should be to have a stylish shower. Here are some five major options for you.

1. Go the Portable Way

If you are not interested in permanent seats, you can decide to go with portable seating. If you already have benches and stools in your home, then you can implement them for this purpose. However, if you do not have, you could purchase one for your shower-day necessities. When choosing portable seating, be sure to go for those made from moisture-resistant materials like bamboo, resin, and plastic. These materials are incredible because they ensure your seat lasts for years. In terms of design, nothing offers better character to your bathroom like an old weathered wooden bench. If your space is cramped, you could choose to go with a small rustic stool or bench and place it close to the tub.

2. A Floating Bench

This kind of seating is firmly secured to the walls of your shower, but has an open space underneath. This type of seating can be made from waterproofed wood or a single slab of stone. Depending on the material used, braces can be installed underneath to offer the floating bench with more support. For the style, you can tile your bench to match the design of the whole shower. It is good to note that although this type of bench might look simple in form, the installation task is better off if handled by professionals.

3. Install a Built-In Bench

A built-in bench is simply one that is framed into the floor and the shower wall. Such a bench is usually a custom-built box that is properly protected with backer board, waterproof membrane, and other decorative surfaces. This kind of in-shower seating can occupy the whole width of a shower enclosure, or limited to a certain corner. In regards to the shape, it can be semicircular or have squared angles. To achieve a stunning look, ensure that your built-in bench complements the color and pattern of the floor and tiles.

4. Fold-Down Benches

These benches are ideal for smaller showers because they can be folded to save on space. Instead of having a heavy built-in bench, you could install a sleek fold-down bench, which will not clutter up the interior space. A fold-down bench can be installed between stud walls for the highest efficiency. When you are in search of a good design for your fold-down bench, you should select the best style to accommodate the weight required for support.

5. Build a Marble-Tile Bench

Another great design that you can decide to go with is a marble-tile bench. You can install it next to the wall where you place most of your items. This helps keep busyness at bay, as you will have an in-shower seat that treads perfectly into view. If your bathroom is large enough and has a window, you could consider installing the marble-tile bench beneath the window. This helps you enjoy natural light and views. If properly designed, it could also offer close proximity to handheld sprays. You should note that marble-tile benches are permanently build in a bathroom. Therefore, you have to install one in the best place possible, depending on the design you would like to achieve. For instance, if you have dual showerheads on opposite walls, you can have your marble-tile bench at the center of the connecting wall.

In-shower seating is a great thing. If your bathroom is large enough to hold a seat, you should consider installing one as soon as possible. A shower seat adds comfort and function to a bathroom, providing you an outstanding cleansing experience. Nevertheless, you should not just install any kind of seat. If you are looking to achieve an outstanding design, be sure to implement the aforementioned options. They will assist you to get the right in-shower seating that will work for your bathroom and body.