5 Reasons to Have Shower Grab Bars Professionally Installed

The elderly or people with mobility issues can sometimes find it difficult to maneuver the bathroom if they are worried about their safety. Water spills on bathroom floors create a potential hazard for slipping or falling when going about your regular cleaning. Grab bars and grab rails are a great addition, as they make it easier and safer to move around the bathroom.

If you are caring for an elderly or an individual with mobility issues, it is a good idea to install shower grab bars for easier accessibility. Since shower grab bars are meant to provide safety for the elderly, they need to be installed with deep care and consideration in mind. Here are five reasons why you should have your shower grab bars professionally installed.

  1. Shower Grab Bar Height

The top of horizontal grab bars for toilets and showers needs to be 33 to 36 inches from the floor. DIY installers usually aim for one edge of the range and thus may end up positioning the grab bar a bit high or low. The height of the shower grab bar needs to comply with the code requirements for accessible bathrooms. Professionals pay attention to the height and length of the shower grab bar by making sure there are no obstructions. Grab bars come in different sizes and textures for additional safety and are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

  1. Shower Grab Bar Placement in a Walk-In Shower

Shower grab bars in a walk-in shower are purposely designed to offer ease of entry and exit. They should be installed on a back wall, or on a side wall near a shower seat. It can be mounted using approved anchoring devices when a stud is not positioned in a convenient location. A 16 or 18-inch grab bar installed at the entrance and exit points provides more vertical coverage compared to a shorter bar. A horizontal bar in a walk-in shower offers increased lateral coverage if you anticipate a lot of movement in the shower.

A grab bar can also be placed diagonally using an anchoring device or studs. It provides easier access at different gripping heights. All these anchoring devices will be made available if you have your shower grab bars installed professionally.

  1. Grab Bar Placement in Shower Stall

Without professional help, you will not have an idea of where to place grab bars in shower stall. The overall goal is to find the safest and most convenient place in the shower stall where you can install the grab bars. Another factor to consider is making sure it is attached firmly to avoid accidental falls. It is recommended that the bars are attached with screws driven into studs or anchoring devices behind the wall covering.  Although different types of hollow anchors can be used, screwing directly into the studs is the safest approach. Not only do you want them to look great but also work well.

  1. Accident Prevention

Shower safety is an issue that concerns all members of the family from children, parents, grandparents, and people experiencing mobility issues. Hiring a professional to install your shower grab bars helps prevent accidents in the bathrooms. Although you may have shower grab bars in the bathroom, there is a possible chance you may slip and fall if they are not installed properly. When professionally installed, they tend to be more durable because they were designed to stand varying weights.

  1. Expert Advice

Safety grab bars, slippery surfaces, and other bathroom safety concerns can be easily addressed by a certified occupational therapist when carrying out their free home safety assessments. They provide you with clinically guided recommendations for proper location and placement of shower grab bars. You will also have an opportunity to understand the types of shower chairs and safe bathing fixtures you may require as well as other safety recommendations you need to be aware of. Having shower grab bars professionally installed allows you to take care of what you need to prevent accidental falls in the shower.

Installing a shower grab bar is one of the best ways to prevent accidents in the bathroom, as it provides the necessary support to everyone including the elderly and people with mobility issues. Having your grab bars professionally installed can restore both your confidence and independence, as they aid in your ability to maintain balance. Hiring a professional company not only guarantees quality installation but also provides you with clinically guided recommendations for proper location and placement of your shower grab bars.