5 Reasons to Consider Installing a Walk-In Jacuzzi Tub

Jacuzzi is the brand name of the company that introduced whirlpool systems in the market and is often used interchangeably to mean a spa or a hot tub. A Jacuzzi tub is a small pool of water used for relaxation, hydrotherapy, socializing and pleasure. It is a large heater tub of water equipped with water jets, heating and filtration systems.  These features distinguish it from regular bathtubs used for bathing or washing. Jacuzzis are filled with cold water from a hose before it is brought up to the required temperature using an in-built heater. Modern homeowners have started realizing the benefits of a walk-in Jacuzzi, as it is accessible, relaxing, and helps soothe aching joints.

  1. Soothe Aching Joints

Regular soaking in a walk in Jacuzzi can help relieve muscle pains and aching joints. The jets work to massage the tense areas in your muscles while the heat helps soothe aching joints. When you relieve muscle tension, it helps reduce inflammation and prevents frequent headaches. Soaking yourself in a Jacuzzi tub increases the overall blood circulation in your body and is an excellent way to soothe arthritic pain. The buoyancy of the water allows for freedom in movement by alleviating the pressure on the joints. A Jacuzzi is an ideal form of restorative therapy that minimizes regular appointments with your doctor.

  1. Relaxation

Everyone is stressed up at some point in life and there are many activities you can do to help relax your mind. Having a Jacuzzi bath is one of the best ways you can reduce stress since the gentle pulse of the jets eases the tension in your muscles. You get a feeling of relaxation, as it instantly eases your mind in the comfort of your own home. In addition, the warm temperatures in a Jacuzzi stimulate the release of endorphin hormones, which are natural painkillers in your body.

  1. Socialization

Most people are driven crazy by the fact that everyone is always focused on their phones when having a family gathering or hanging out with friends. Probably because nothing is there to keep them fully occupied other than their electronic devices. The best part of hanging out in a Jacuzzi is that you do not bring in your phone, which means you get to share quality time bonding with the whole family and close friends. You will be in a better position to socialize together as you enjoy the soothing effect of soaking in a Jacuzzi.

  1. Accessibility

If you have limited mobility, then a walk in Jacuzzi tub can be an incredible solution for you. Most walk in Jacuzzis come with a low or no step entry threshold, meaning that accessing the tub is quite easy. Another great thing about a Jacuzzi is that individuals that use scooters, wheelchairs, or walkers can easily access the Jacuzzi. This makes it easy and enjoyable for them to bathe, as they do not have to be worried about tripping and falling.

  1. Skincare and Sleep

The warm water in a Jacuzzi causes perspiration, which is a process that helps the body get rid of toxins on your skin. Spending quality time in this large hot tub also helps improve your hair by reducing the production of excess oils from your body. It also raises your body temperature slightly thus improving blood circulation around the skin and body tissues. Having a Jacuzzi helps rejuvenate the skin and hair by facilitating healthy blood circulation and releasing toxins from the layers of your skin.

People who find it difficult to sleep at night can benefit significantly from soaking in a Jacuzzi. Soaking yourself in a Jacuzzi before going to bed can help ease your transition into a deeper sleep. This is usually caused by the shift in internal temperature when the temperature of your body core drops after leaving the water. Getting enough sleep guarantees a healthy lifestyle since it sets you ready for the next day.

A Jacuzzi may turn out to be the best thing that can help you de-stress after a long day from work. It can be used all year round for hydrotherapy, soothing aching joints, and relaxing. Another great thing about it is that a walk in Jacuzzi is quite accessible, which means that people with mobility problems can access it quite easily. This is an important feature because these individuals can enjoy the benefits of an advanced Jacuzzi from the comfort of their home. The aforementioned advantages should be enough reason for you to consider installing a walk in Jacuzzi tub.