5 Reasons to Choose a Barrier Free Shower Base for Your Bathroom

A barrier free shower base offers a good solution to individuals with mobility issues. It provides a great alternative to other bathroom accessibility options such as a walk-in shower or a walk-in bathtub. The reason behind this is that lack of a barrier means that the shower base is level to the floor. This helps remove the obstacle of having to step over, and makes it easier for wheelchair users to access the bathroom. Such shower floors are ideal for people with limited mobility, and this article provides five main reasons as to why this is the case.

  1. Great for Mobility

Stepping over a shower curb, especially for people with mobility problems, can be quite dangerous to do. In fact, it is the cause of numerous expensive hospital bills. To avoid taking any risks, especially with the elderly, you need to install a barrier free shower base, as there will be nothing to trip and fall over. With no threshold or bathtub to climb over, a barrier free shower is a complete game-changer for any person who uses a wheelchair, has achy joints, or other mobility problems. With a barrier free shower, the elderly can age in place in a bathroom with easier access and one that has an elegant look.

  1. Saves Space

Installing a barrier free shower can help make your bathroom look bigger, as it saves on space. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom, installing a barrier free shower base can help you achieve a bigger looking bathroom. Apart from making things look larger than they are, the bathroom user will have more space to work with.

  1. Looks Stylish

You should not think that just because you do not have a contemporary bathroom, you could not have a barrier free shower that will change the whole design for you. No matter your current bathroom’s style, your new barrier free showers can be made to blend in perfectly with different looks. It can also be configured in such a way that accommodates the current shape, color, and size of your bathroom. Hence, if you are in search of a way to add a subtle touch to your bathroom that will create a cool and modern spa-like look, then consider going with a barrier free shower base.

  1. Easy to Clean

With a flat floor surface, it means there are few nooks and crannies that need cleaning. This makes cleaning your bathroom almost effortless. You do not have to scrub the angles that come with a shower base. Instead, all you have to do is pass a mop over the floor and it will be pristine in a few minutes. In addition to this, a barrier free shower makes your bathroom look cleaner. It gives your bathroom a streamlined and open look. A barrier free shower also eliminates the need for installing a shower curtain, which gives your bathroom a closed-in look and feel. Without such a barrier, you can be able to enjoy other views in your bathroom or outdoors.

  1. Helps Water Stay in the Shower

A well-designed barrier free shower is able to keep water exactly where it belongs, and that is in the shower. The workhorse of this type of a shower is the drain, which plays a significant role in making sure that water does not spread to other parts of the bathroom. When your barrier free shower is being installed, the floor will be slightly sloped towards the drain. Another key aspect to pay close attention to is the showerhead position. It should be placed in a direction that leads to the lowest backsplash. You may be thinking to yourself that doing these modifications to your bathroom is hard. However, it has never been easier to create a level bathroom. Contractors now have simple options that offer incredible results without breaking the bank.

Installing a barrier free shower for your bathroom is crucial because it creates a streamlined and contemporary look in your bathroom. It also goes a long way in helping your bathroom look bigger, as it uses less space. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance, as there will be few crevices and corners where dirt, debris, mold, and mildew can hide. The best thing about a barrier free shower base is that it makes it easier for people with mobility issues to access the bathroom. If you need help with installing a barrier free shower base, then consider reaching out to an expert for assistance.