5 Reasons Why Proper Lighting is so Important in a Bathroom

Lighting is an essential component that can make your bathroom look its best apart from its practical considerations. Bathroom lighting requires a good plan whether it uses an artificial or natural source of light. It needs to be supplied from different directions and a variety of heights to provide better illumination. The elderly and other people who have impaired vision may benefit significantly from adequate lighting, as it boosts their level of visibility. Successful bathroom lighting is comprised of a combination of ambient, accent, decorative and task lighting.

Ambient lighting is the primary layer of light in the room provided by wall-mounted or ceiling fixtures as well as natural sources like windows. Task lighting is used for specific purposes like illuminating a bathing area while accent lighting adds shade and depth to the room. Special light effects of decorative lighting can be appealing and dramatic as they supply light for the ambient layer. Incorporating these lights in your bathroom help provide ample lighting, especially for people with impaired vision. Here are five reasons why proper lighting is so important in a bathroom.

  1. It Provides Greater Illumination

Ambient lighting serves as a substitute for natural light as it is usually supplied by a surface-mounted ceiling light. Cove lighting also adds a soft glow around the perimeter of your bathroom. When combined with other types of lighting, it provides greater illumination by lighting up darker corners of the room. You get more visibility with proper lighting, as it makes space look brighter and more conspicuous than it otherwise would if you had poor lighting. Accent lighting eliminates the cast shadows while adding depth to the entire room.

  1. Enhances the Beauty of the Space

A mixture of light fixtures in different parts of your bathroom can enhance the beauty of your space by providing a desirable level of brightness. The brightness level can be adjusted to suit the needs of every user since too much bright light can cause eyestrain while lighting that is too dim can cause poor visibility. Proper lighting can make the room look more appealing by illuminating the darker areas in a room. Dimmers provide you with absolute control over the level of brightness and mood.

  1. It Reduces Your Energy Bills

Using energy efficient light fixtures such as dimmers and LED lights can reduce your electricity bill because they use less energy compared to other lighting options. Furthermore, LED is a green alternative to incandescent bulbs because it does not emit carbon footprint. Traditional incandescent bulbs convert more energy into light and heat, which translates into high energy bills. Other ideal options include compact fluorescent lamps, which may have a high initial cost of purchase but save you money in the long term because they use less energy.

  1. Safety Concerns

Giving attention to aesthetics should not undermine the importance of safety in a bathroom. Electricity and water cannot be allowed to mingle closely since they may cause risk of injury and potential hazards in a bathroom. It is advisable to consult a certified electrician who can install the lights appropriately to meet the needs and specifications of the user. Freestanding plug-in lamps should never be placed near a sink or tub. A professional electrician has the right expertise to make the necessary adjustments on accent and task lighting when installing lights in your bathroom.

  1. Increases the Value of Your Home

Installing energy efficient lighting such as LED in your bathroom is one of the most cost-effective methods of increasing the value of your home. They are highly durable and have a long lifespan compared to old incandescent light bulbs. Many homebuyers are looking for quality and durability in their new home. They are thus more likely to prefer a bathroom with energy efficient lighting to save on their energy bills as well as the cost of maintenance. Proper lighting emits minimal heat, which minimizes cooling costs that immediately translate into your home value.

Proper lighting in a bathroom is not only used for the purposes of illumination but also enhances mood. The type and placement of lights are essential aspects of interior design when combined with the availability of natural sunlight, room size, and the selected theme or color. The elements achieved by proper lighting can transform your bathroom into a seamless combination of style and functionality. Besides adding style to the interior décor, proper lighting also creates a safe and comfortable environment where you can relax and have an enjoyable bath.