5 Benefits of Installing a Barrier Free Shower and How it Works

People with mobility issues often have many navigation problems. One challenge that they face entails bathing and showering. This is supposed to be a private activity but due to mobility issues, some people may need help from another person. This not only affects their dignity, but also reduces their confidence in doing things on their own. Luckily, a barrier free shower base is one of the many solutions out there for this problem. Since barrier-free showers do not have a high step over, people with difficulties in lifting their feet can access the shower quite easily. This article looks into the way a barrier free shower works, and the benefits of installing one.

How Does a Barrier Free Shower Work?

A barrier free shower is simply a shower without any surrounding barriers or edges to it. This makes it level with the bathroom floor. One thing that most people struggle to understand about a barrier free shower is its drainage. Most barrier free showers come with trench drain, which is usually placed where the shower door would normally be placed. The drain can also be placed at the center, but with the floor levelled towards it.

Benefits of a Barrier Free Shower

  1. It is More Accessible

As aforementioned, a barrier free shower does not have a huge step over, meaning it is a more wheelchair accessible shower for the elderly than normal bathrooms. This feature is critical because it helps eliminate common tripping hazards, which can be disastrous. A barrier free shower thus makes your shower a lot safer. In addition to this, you can also easily walk a wheelchair or walker into the shower without any problems. This is also why it is called a roll in shower.

  1. It Comes with Handy Features

Most barrier free showers are built for people with mobility problems. Therefore, you can tell your contractor to add customizable features such as grab bars, shower seats, non-slip floors, and many more. The list is endless when you want to make your bathroom more accessible. Furthermore, some of these extra features look incredible, which makes your bathroom, look outstanding. Strong handles, a firm surface to sit on, and floors with grip go a long way in ensuring you have a shower that one can use without help from another person. This is key for those people with mobility and strength issues. Extra handy features that come with a barrier free shower improve the quality of life.

  1. Functionality for all Family Members

Another reason to install a barrier free shower is that it fits all members of your family, including grandparents, and kids. With many families living under one house and healthcare costs being on the rise, it is critical to have a bathroom that will work for everyone. As a mom, you can wash your kids in there with ease, and as a grandfather, it will be easy for you to access the shower without asking for help.

  1. More Space

Having a walk in shower means that you will have more space in your bathroom to work with. If you have a small bathroom, a barrier free shower will make it look bigger. As long as the floor is flowing smoothly without any barriers, your bathroom will seem larger. You can use this extra space in your bathroom to add shower seats, grab bars, and storage centers. With easy access showers, you can boost accessibility even further.

  1. Easy to Clean

You have to clean your bathroom regularly to ensure you are bathing or showering in a pristine and hygienic environment. Cleaning the traditional bathroom is tough because it has many corners and joints where dirt and grime build up. On the other hand, a barrier free shower has fewer seams, meaning that one is able to clean it more quickly. This is important for individuals with mobility problems, especially those living independently, as they can clean the shower themselves quite easily.

A barrier free shower is one without barriers or edges on either side. This feature makes it accessible by people with mobility problems because they cannot easily step over a barrier. A barrier free shower hence makes it safer for the elderly to shower by minimizing the risk of tripping. In addition to being accessible, a barrier free shower is easy to clean because it has fewer seams. It also provides you with more space to work with, which you can use to add features like, grab bars and shower seats to ensure more bathroom accessibility.