Top 3 Reasons To Convert A Bath To A Shower

There’s nothing more soul-refreshing like showering after a hectic day, isn’t it? People love a luxurious bathtub experience. And it’s quite time-consuming since once you start, you don’t feel like getting out! But showers are the new bathtubs – as more people take to the idea.

For one, bathtubs may be hard to fit in at times. Showers, on the other hand, are pretty easy to fit in anywhere and also very affordable and give just as satisfying a bathing experience as a bathtub.

Bathtubs might look very luxurious and appealing, but they’re just as dangerous. According to a report, in Japan, it was found that deaths caused by drowning in bathtubs had increased by 70% over the past decade.

Why Should You Convert A Bath To A Shower?

Beautiful interior design of a modern bathroom

Baths are highly risky for any age group. Kids can be dancing in the bathtub trying to enjoy themselves, and they can slip off, breaking their bones – and trust us, it’s not uncommon for adults to do the same thing! Or, if the temperature is too high, you can end up burning your whole body that’s drenched in the bathtub. You can also be at risk of electrocution. And it’s a very serious thing; at times, it can put people in cardiac arrest or, in worst cases, death.

In fact, studies suggest that it only takes a few minutes for you to drown in a bathtub, which is why you should never leave your child alone while they’re in the water.

As for hygiene, showering in the same water for too long can be a big inviter for infections. You can easily get UTI and other bacterial infections. Bubble baths sure do sound fun and relaxing, but everything is not what it seems! One study also found that about 30% of bathtubs contain germs that can cause staph infections.

1. Safety

Bathrooms have the highest chance of getting injured in a home. If you miss even a step or don’t grip your leg right, you can fall off and might end up hurting yourself. And slipping can happen very easily in a bathtub, wherein you can still grip on your feet in a shower.

You can prevent that by shifting from a bathtub to a shower. To increase safety, you can install grab bars near your battery or get nice gripping floor mats. Most of them are done during coming in and out of the bathroom. You can also have temperature control settings too and manage the water force too. This way, you can shower just the way you want, everything at the convenience of your fingertips!

2. Convenience

Getting rid of your bathtub or switching to a shower will save you a lot of space. You can relax even when you can’t lie down like bathtubs. When there is extra elbow space, you’ll be able to move freely and enjoy the shower. You can dance to your favorite music and pump up your mornings, the right way to start them, isn’t it?

But be careful not to slip your toe! In the bathtub, you must rub and shower all by yourself. And keeping them clean can be quite a task. In the shower, you can use the water force to rub off the soap foam and wash things quickly, like a dirty mat. And constant new water dripping down your body is better than soaking in dirty germ water for hours.

3. Cleanliness and Maintenance

While a shower is super easy and quick to clean, bathtubs require high maintenance, both money, and effort-wise and also a lot of cleaning. And if you opt for a shower door with a trackless bottom, you wouldn’t have to stress about cleaning the shower either! You can save up a lot of your precious time and money by doing so.

Other Additional Pros Of Shifting To A Shower

If you plan a shower that’s classic and convenient, it can be a great center of attraction to buyers if you plan to sell the house. Everybody wants to have a beautiful interior with convenience, and people are willing to pay any amount for it. Oversized showers with grip bars and temperature control are simply too good to resist.

With the busy lifestyle right now, everyone is opting for an easy and quick shower, which is possible through a walk-in shower. You don’t have to soak in for hours in the bathtub and damage your skin; you can simply have a quick warm shower and still feel as though you’ve been reborn.