12 Bathroom Accessories to Complete Your Space

A successful bathroom remodel is all about the details. Sure, selecting the right tiles, lighting and vanity are essential, but useful accessories are what set your renovated bathroom apart. Take your space from ordinary to extraordinary with these 12 bathroom accessories.

Low-flow faucet and showerhead:
Water conservation is increasingly important these days. If you want to reduce your water bills without affecting performance, choose a high-end aerated faucet and low-flow showerhead for your remodeled bathroom.
Heated towel racks:
Nothing feels better than wrapping your freshly bathed body in a heated towel. This level of luxury is easy to achieve with a heated towel rack.
Luxurious towels and rugs:
Now, for something to hang on that towel rack. Buy the best towels you can find to make showering a more lavish experience. Then, lay down a memory foam bath mat to cushion your feet when you step out of the shower.
Shower curtain:
If you don’t have glass shower doors, you need a curtain. Choose a color and pattern that complements the rest of the bathroom’s design.
Shower caddy and bathtub tray:
Cut the clutter with a hanging caddy or built-in shower storage. Then, make bath time more enjoyable with a tray to hold candles, lotions, your tablet for reading and a glass of wine.
Wall hooks:
Make sure you always have a place to hang your clothes or used towels by mounting hooks to the wall or the back of the bathroom door.
Storage shelves:
You can never have too much bathroom storage. Accessorize with built-in shelving, floating shelves mounted above the toilet or tower caddies with storage baskets.
Vanity sets:
Find a soap dish, soap dispenser, cup, toothbrush holder and tissue box cover in a matching set. These make your remodeled bathroom look more put together.
Hamper and wastebasket:
Keep dirty towels from littering the floor by setting up a hamper in your bathroom. A stylish trashcan adds to the room’s appearance and functionality.
Age-in-place bathroom accessories:
Everything from grab bars in the shower and around the toilet to a barrier-free shower base or walk-in tub helps you enjoy your bathroom now and well into your golden years.

Air freshener:
Your options range from sprays to diffusers to air purifying bags that soak up foul odors for a bathroom that always smells oh-so-fresh.
Wall art:
The bathroom should feel like a spa, and that means painting the walls a relaxing shade of green or blue and hanging art that reflects your design preferences.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to accessorizing your bathroom, so the professional remodelers at Bath Planet of New Jersey are here to help you make the best choices for your space. Give us a call today at (732) 884-2284 to learn more about our bathroom remodeling services in the Freehold area.