10 Bathroom Wall Trends for 2019

A bathroom with blank walls can be intimidating as it lacks appeal when you want to create a good first impression. Instead of covering your bathroom walls with regular tiles and concrete, you can add style using a wall décor or a statement wall for a fresh look. There are certain things that become obsolete as years pass by, making it necessary to venture out for new design trends. If you have been contemplating about your next bathroom remodel project for a while, you need to take the next step of implementing your ideas. We have narrowed down the list to top ten bathroom wall trends you can implement in 2019.

  1. Decorative Mirrors

Have some fun with decorative mirrors as they work great on bathroom walls. Try looking for different shapes and sizes so that you can create a mirror-scape on one of your bathroom walls. This needs to be done on one side that feels less cluttered or creates an empty space in the room. If you have a dark or small bathroom, you can brighten it up using decorative mirrors.

  1. Choose a Paint that Pops Out

Choosing a paint color for your bathroom wall does not have to be that hard if you already have a theme in place. Although most people play safe when it comes to the color they paint on their bathroom walls, it is still possible to punch up the space using an unexpected color. Carry your paint color halfway down the wall to prevent it from taking over your bathroom completely.

  1. Make an Art Gallery

Since most people find it difficult to select one or two, you can explore the world of prints by creating a gallery wall. Use a preferred color theme to give a clean, and modern look. You can also vary the frames and colors to create a bohemian feel.

  1. Wallpaper an Accent Wall

It is quite the undertaking to wallpaper an entire bathroom since a standard wallpaper can be a recipe for disaster. It needs to be sealed perfectly using a coat of decorator’s varnish to protect it from moisture and high levels of humidity. Install the wallpaper on an accent wall as a peel-and-stick option, as it is budget-friendly and more manageable.

  1. Wall Decals

If you do not like the idea of wallpaper, you can make clever use of a wall decal. A straightforward design peel-and-stick wall decal can create a long-lasting impression when placed on one wall.

  1. Moisture-Resistant Surface Materials

Mold growth on your bathroom walls should not be an issue as long as you choose tiles that are resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Although stone surfaces such as granite and marble are more costly compared to ceramic tiles, they are preferred by most homeowners because they look beautiful and last for a long time.

  1. Living Walls

Potted plants are also a current trend in modern bathrooms that bring a fresh and natural feel to urban spaces. It can be placed adjacent to mirrors and sinks to give you an outdoor shower experience. It can be designed to fit any bathroom décor to create a bold contrast in open spaces.

  1. Wall Lighting

Since a bathroom is always a busy place in the morning or evenings, it is important to have the flexibility of adjusting the lights. Apart from the overhead lighting, you can add dimmers and other decorative lights that can be installed on your bathroom walls. Placing it adjacent to the mirror not only adds to the beauty but also enhances the lighting in the room.

  1. Go for a Beachy Theme

Water-friendly and beachy motifs can work great for people who like the beauty of nature. Consider a piece of blue art or high-end photography to channel the vibe without creating a kitsch look.

  1. Built-in Shelves

A built-in shelf creates extra space for storage, which reduces the amount of clutter that pops out. Open storage is a growing trend that works great in both large and small spaces. Open vanities on your wall show off your bathroom items in style. It does not necessarily require a big renovation but it is worth the investment if installed correctly.

There are many ways to highlight your bathroom walls while still maintaining a selected theme or color scheme. When decorating your walls, it is necessary to be mindful about mold growth and its health effects since bathrooms are prone to moisture and high humidity levels. Try new ideas and go all out when implementing your designs to determine the overall theme and appearance of your bathroom.